Triumph After Trauma

Help the Body Reawaken the Senses with Alicia Patterson

Episode Summary

Alicia Patterson has years of intense training along with her own personal sexual assault which gives her the unique ability to fully understand the significant connection.

Episode Notes

Trauma impacts our entire body and spirit. Alicia Patterson works so closely with healing those who have been greatly affected by trauma that she believes she is healing the soul. Body Armor is that connection of the trauma and the effects on our body and more, such as our psyche, emotions, nerves, and blood vessels.

Through Alicia's own sexual assault, she has been able to fully understand her clients and she has also done extensive work on herself to RELEASE the past trauma. This release has moved her away from numbness or disassociation to pain to becoming free of the trauma and the negative effects. 

Alicia is very intelligent and knowledgeable. She understands the effects of trauma and will give you incredible insight into your own body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Be sure to connect with her on Facebook or on her website.

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